Mobi-mat Portable Pathways

10 ft wide Roll-up Boat Ramp


Mobi-Mat® VMM™ provides non-slip roll-out portable access matting for boat launching ramps and emergency response units vehicles around lake and sea shores.

10 ft wide Roll-up Boat Ramp
10 ft wide Roll-up Boat Ramp


Mobi-Mat® Vehicle Access Mats VMM™ provide superior traction roll-out portable access roadways for incident command posts and emergency response units around the lake shore.

  • Designed for excellent traction
  • Unaffected by temperatures
  • Factory direct prices
  • UV/chemical/oil resistant

VMM™ type A2X

Vehicle Mobility Mat

Thanks to its patented 3-D design surfacing, Mobi-Mat® VMM™ is a durable roll-out non-slip corrugated beach access matting for building portable temporary beach access routes over soft sand dunes, soft berms and boat ramps.