Beach recreational Path

5 ft wide Blue Jay Roll-up Walkway

Mobi-Mat® RECPATH™ highly visible blue color with white stripes access surface is the ideal portable beach access route for hotel & beach resorts HOAs, parks and recreation areas. They provide a nice spring feeling when you walk along the path 

Already chosen by many cities and hotels, Marriott Vacation club, Holiday Inn, have improved their beach accessibility paths and boat ramps with Mobi-mat pathway surfaces.

5 ft wide Blue Jay Roll-up Walkway

ADA & AODA Accessibility Mats 

Wherever a safe, non-slip, firm ADA compliant beach access mat is required, Mobi-Mat® RECPATH beach access surface is the solution for permanent or temporary access applications.

Rigidity is preserved over soft sand surface thanks to a unique 3-D design.

Lightweight and easy to install, two people can install a 5’ x 100’ section in minutes.

The Mobi-mat ocean blue color with white stripes provides a highly visible access route to recreation areas, beach, lake, playground.

Mobi-Mat® RECPATH™ is the ideal beach access surface for elderly, veterans, wheelchair, strollers, walkers and complies with the AODAAccessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act– and ADA –American with Disabilities Act while offering a 5’ and 6,5 wide firm walking, wheelchair and rolling access surface. 

Mobi-Mat® RECPATH™ ocean blue, tan and brown color access surfacing is