Mobi-mat®: the DESCHAMPS’ ground

Mobi-mat®: the DESCHAMPS’ ground reinforcement expertise

Since 1994, Mobi-mat® designs, produces and delivers mobility equipment for people and organizations throughout the world. Its well-known mats serve the defense and disaster teams, the aircraft recovery departments, the civil engineering companies, and the recreationnal beach access organization. Mobi-mat® equipment is recognized as durable, helpful and easy to set-up solutions.

Mobi-mat® is a registered trademark of DESCHAMPS company.

DESCHAMPS: since 1860

DESCHAMPS is an innovative company, developping and manufacturing high added-value material and ground mobility equipment. Established in 1860, DESCHAMPS is a robust organization with a strong expertise. We are used to dealing with the most demanding partners and have at heart to meet the user’s expectations. Thanks to its family owned status, DESCHAMPS is able to allocate ressources for the most ambitious challenges.

Worldwide presence:

Mobi-mat® operates all over the world. DESCHAMPS’ offices are located in New Jersey (USA) and New Aquitaine (France). They manage a large network of commercial agents and distributors, able to handle all users’ needs.


GSA contract:

DESCHAMPS MATS SYSTEMS INC is registred as General Services Administration (GSA) supplier. Through DESCHAMPS MATS SYSTEMS INC, US based entity, Mobi-mat® products are available under the Federal Supply Schedule (GS-07F-0316L).

Who is eligible :
Federal agencies and agency contractors

Agency sponsor :
General Services Administration
Federal Supply Service
Contract Number GS-07F-0316L

FMS contracts:

The Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contracts are a purchasing way for some non-US countries. DESCHAMPS MATS SYSTEMS INC office are US based. Thanks to this entity, the Mobi-mat® products are available under FMS procurement.

CSR policy

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the pillars of DESCHAMPS. Since 1860, the DESCHAMPS ran through the biggest evolutions of the modern society. Starting from a small factory on a riverside, our company grew up with always the care of the environment in mind. DESCHAMPS has developed Mobi-mat® range including in this way, with environment-friendly products. Mobi-mat® ranges include recycled and biodegradable materials.

At DESCHAMPS, we keep the users, the customers and the employees at the center of our approach. All business is made with the general interest in mind. We take a particular attention to the ethic methods and a very strict accordance to the applicable laws where we operate.

nspa deschamps certificat

3N2Z7 and FA7J0



intertek certificat

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
OHSAS 18001:2007
AQAP-2110 ed. D



DESCHAMPS MATS SYSTEMS INC is registred as General Services Administration

GSA number