Mali, Kidal, Minusma helicopter landing on Deschamps Mobi-Mat®Helipad.
UNO Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of MINUSMA Albert Gérard Koenders together with Mr Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, President of the Republic of Mauritania as well as Chairman of the African Union (Algeria, Mali, Mauritania, Niger), standing on Deschamps Mobi-Mat Helipad in Kidal, Mali.

” The 101st has 33 Kits of Mobi-Mat in use by our aviators they Love it and it is so easy to install – that now the aviators actually do it themselves (believe me – this means it is EASY to do).”
Colonel, 101st Airborne, US Army

” For the cost of the four aircraft (and the blades and engines that have been unduly worn and will need replacement soon) we could have purchased enough mobi-mat for both 101st and 3ID (M). “
Lessons Learned

The United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) (October 1999 – May 2002).

                    United Nations                  World Food Programme

The Mobi-Mats or “triscuit pads” as we called them were awesome in Iraq – for FARPS or even for landing pads at the hospitals… We appreciate the help and truthfully – the lives you probably saved by allowing the military to use those…
MEDEVAC Commander, US Army

I personally landed on your matting many times out in the middle of the desert and they performed magnificently. Thanks for producing such a super product. All the best.
Colonel, 12th Aviation Brigade, US Army

A landing support Marine with Combat Logistics Battalion 26, Combat Logistics Regiment 27, 2nd Marine Logistics Group watches as a French armored vehicle makes landfall with Mobi-mat® Beach Landing Mat™ Feb. 6, 2012, during exercise Bold Alligator 2012 aboard Camp Lejeune, N.C.

Bold Alligator is a multinational amphibious exercise designed to test the Marine Corps’ readiness by executing a beach assault. Landing support Marines are responsible for accounting for all gear and personnel on ground and orienting troops toward the fight.

These Mobi-Mat® tactical mobility systems will prevent vehicles from getting bogged down in soft ground conditions, and are particularly suitable for beach landings, bridge approach.

The Flatrack 100 are in use by Armasuisse. These units are dedicated to military airports for aircraft recovery and to civilian security.

In Korea, The FCR “Advanced Beach Mat System” has been specifically designed for LOTS (Logistic- Over-The-Shore) when heavy vehicles such as battle tanks, trucks are discharged from an LST (Landing Ship Tank). It is the unique autonomous system in the world which can be reloaded automatically with additional length of mat without trailer or crane, within the shortest time for improvement of the survivability of operating troops.