Mobi-mat® deployment systems: roadway dispensers

Mobi-mat® deployment systems facilitate mat and roadway installation and recovery. These mechanical equipments can fit every vehicle, civilian or military. They are user-friendly and allow the deployment of very long roadways in a moment by a few people. The Mobi-mat® deployment systems can be vehicle powered with hydraulic or electrical power. They can also be autonomous thanks to a dedicated thermic generator. They are modular and able to deliver only the necessary roadway sections.

From off-the-shelf products to custom-made solutions
The Mobi-mat® deployment systems are off-the-shelf for most of the cases. But for specific needs, Mobi-mat® can adapt these existing systems or develop custom-made dedicated systems. The Mobi-mat® engineering team is limitless !

Flatrack™ – truck-mounted roadway deployment system

The Flatrack™ is a roadway deployment modular system. Mobi-mat® designed its frame in accordance with STANAG 2413. It makes the system able to fit every civilian or military cargo truck at this standard. Two people can operate the Flatrack™ system and deploy tens of roadway meters in a few minutes.

  • weight (empty): 5 500 kg (12 125 lb)
  • material: Mobi-mat® A2X – 3D technical fabric
  • interface: STANAG 2413 frame (ISO corners in option)
  • Mobi-mat® mats type allowed: A2X ; XE ; FCR

Optional trailer-mounted additional spool: this extra spool allows to double the length of roadway. It is towed by the truck and can reload the Flatrack™ truck-mounted system once it has deployed its own roadway.

FLRD™ – Front-loader-mounted roadway deployment system

The FLRD™ is a roadway deployment system for front-loader. It makes a front-loader able to deploy a temporary roadway in a few minutes. The vehicle driver can operate the FLRD™ by its own thanks to the hydraulic connections with the system. FLRD™ can fit directly the vehicle interface or be connected on forks.

  • weight (empty): 1 800 kg (3 900 lb)
  • Mobi-mat® mats type allowed: A2X ; XE ; FCR

TMRD™ – Trailer-mounted roadway deployment system

The TMRD™ is a roadway deployment system integrated on its own dedicated trailer. Mobi-mat® designed it in order to be towed at the rear of a truck during transit phases. Then, the vehicle pushes the TMRD™ placed at its front and deploys the roadway. The system can be powered by the vehicle or from an autonomous thermic system.

  • weight (empty): 2 700 kg (5 900 lb)
  • Mobi-mat® mats type allowed: A2X ; XE ; FCR

Optional open road traffic compliance: depending on the technical requirement and the local road circulation rules, the TMRD™ can be adapted for open road circulation.

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