Tentfloor™: shelter and tent stabilization and insulation

The Tentfloor™ range is dedicated to deployable shelter and tent flooring. Mobi-mat® developed it thanks to its expertise in defense and disaster facility solutions. The Tentfloor™ range offers shelter flooring stabilization for long deployment camps as well as flooring insulation equipment for headquarters or hospitals. This range extends the durability of the deployed facilities in operation and the confort of the troops on the field.

Modular flooring
The Tentfloor™ matting equipment is versatile. It can be used with every type or brand of shelters and tents, whatever the size or the technology. Its packing is also designed in order to fit the shelter or tent pack. Thanks to its design, the Tentfloor™ range is deployable in a moment and don’t need any specific tool or mechanical equipment for installation.

Tentfloor™ LX – Tent and shelter ground stabilization mat

The Tentfloor™ LX mat is set up as a stabilization and insulation mat under the shelter or the tent. The soil will stay stable even after many months of operation. This stabilization mat prevents all ground modification under intense use or rain effect.

  • weight: 0,7 kg/m² (0,14 lb/sqft)
  • standard dimensions and weight: 2,2m x 6m (7,2′ x 19,7′) – 25 kg (54 lb)
  • custom dimensions: on demand
  • material: Mobi-mat® LX – 3D woven technical fabric
  • liquid permeability: yes
  • anti-skid surface: yes
  • load bearing capability: yes
  • temperature resistant: yes

Mobi-deck™ ALU – Modular adjustable rigid deck

The Mobi-deck™ ALU floor offers adjustable rigid deck for deployable tents and shelters. Its is designed by Mobi-mat® in order to set up quickly a dry and flush floor. Its adjustment system allows the height change even after the installation. The Mobi-deck™ ALU covers the electrical, electronical and fluid cables and assures a clear floor. It is the best solution for headquarters or hospital deployable shelters.

  • weight: 10 kg/m² (2,05 lb/sqft)
  • adjustable height: yes
  • modular: yes
  • material: aluminium
  • anti-skid surface: yes

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